The Diocesan Missions Group presents The Amazing Missions Race 2010

Sunday March 14th 2010 An event for all ages

17 March 2010

IMG_2586.jpgFrom Bishop's News March 2010 - Bishop of Wellington Dr Thomas Brown
Bishop Tom joined the Kapiti Archdeaconry in the Wellington Diocese for a very enjoyable day to celebrate ‘Overseas Mission’.
There were around 87 people attending, with the age range from 4-76+.  During the day Teams competed in eight different events encouraging people to think of different aspects and challenges of Overseas Mission:
‘Taste Bud Tango’, people were invited to pick a plate with hidden food and guess what Country the food came from.

‘Drippy Droppy’ a water relay to realise how difficult it is to transport water from a well, rather than the tap system we enjoy.

'Don’t cramp my Style' Teams planned and performed a 1 minute dance from the country of their team name.

IMG_2639.jpgIMG_2602.jpgPatricia McKelvey – CMS Missionary in Tanzania spoke after a light meal.   The event very successful receiving praise from participants:

We all had fun, learnt something new, and enjoyed working as a team

Watch for the date of your Archdeaconry day – I encourage you to attend.