An update from NZCMS and our Mission Partners

Shared from NZCMS National Director, Rosie Fyfe

23 March 2020

An update from NZCMS and our Mission Partners

Pray for discernment, wisdom and peace for each Mission Partner.

Read here a message from NZCMS National Director, Rosie Fyfe.

And a further update on 27 March 2020

NCMS has also asked us:-

  • Please continue praying for Mission Partners. Some are already living in lock-down, others are faced with decisions. Pray for wisdom  for unexpected Kingdom moments of seeing God at work, and opportunities to care for those around them in whichever way is possible.
  • Please continue giving towards the financial support of Mission Partners, even if they return to New Zealand for a period. This tangible demonstration of your support towards them and their work is more important now than ever. If a Mission Partner needs to return from their location of service NZCMS will continue to financially support them for a period of time; we will also need you to continue to care for your Mission Partner in this way.
  • For any Mission Partners who return to New Zealand, we will help them find places to self-isolate. We would like to create a list of possible places, such as holiday houses, where any returning Mission Partners could self-isolate. Please let us know if you have anyone in your congregation who may have a property they can offer for this purpose.