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Anglican Alliance Resilience Course

We can’t prevent disasters, but we can increase our resilience to them

24 May 2021

Anglican Missions is taking part in the Resilience Course currently being held by the Anglican Alliance. (can you spot our National Director in the photo?)

From a recent email: “Anglican Alliance is delighted to share with you at Pentecost our Resilience Course video, voices of resilience from around the Communion. Below are link to different language version of the video and press release.

The video is available with subtitles in English, PortugueseSpanishFrenchBurmeseTagalogKiSwahili and Arabic.

Here are the links to the press release in English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Myanmar, and Portuguese.

“We can’t prevent disasters, but we can increase our resilience to them.

When a disaster hits, being prepared, knowing how to respond and having resilience all make a huge difference to how a community copes and emerges from the disaster.

As Anglicans we believe that building our capacity for disaster response and cultivating our resilience will equip our churches to be better able to walk alongside the most vulnerable communities in our midst.”

We hope that you will find the voices of resilience from around the Communion encouraging and uplifting this Pentecost. Feel free to share with others.

There is also a story on the Anglican Alliance website about the Resilience Course video: “Celebrating Pentecost – voices of resilience from “every nation under heaven””.