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Supporting an Emergency Appeal for Mozambique

28 March 2019

Supporting an Emergency Appeal for Mozambique


Cyclone Idai swept through Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe two weeks ago, affecting 3 million people and causing over 750 deaths. As efforts to rescue people trapped by the floods come to an end, the region is bracing for the spread of disease, including cholera and malaria. In Mozambique, 1.85 million people have been directly affected, and 129,000 people displaced. Anglican Missions has launched this appeal to support the Anglican Diocese of Niassa as it helps communities affected by the floods to purchase seeds and re-establish crops. Across the region, over 715,000 hectares of crop fields have been flooded. April and May provides a short growing season, and getting crops into the ground now is critical if there is to be a harvest later this year.

In the Diocese of Niassa, local resources have been mobilised and sent to affected communities. While the diocese (and others in the region) recognise the need for immediate relief (and they have been first-line responders), they also appreciate that a unique role for the Church lies in longer-term recovery and in building disaster resilience. Anglican Missions continues to keep in close contact with Bishop Vicente and with the Anglican Alliance to ensure a joined-up collaborative Anglican response.

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