Anglicans Move to Life online

we lift up our hearts together in prayer

30 March 2020

For a comprehensive and up to date summary of how the Church in this part of the world is responding, see Anglicans Move to Life Online

The Anglican Missions team, Michael, Linda and Sudesh, are working from home and while we can only receive cheques and stamps once a week (when we can officially clear our post-office box) it is business as usual. Our phone and email details remain the same so please keep in touch! Email is probably the best.


Please also continue to lift-up and pray for the people and the projects that Anglican Missions supports. As we go about our daily lives, let us never forget that even in these unusual times, love compels us to:

  • fight against COVID-19 alongside our sisters and brothers, especially those living in poverty;

  • stand together in prayer with those in our ‘bubble’, and with our whanau and neighbours both near and far;

  • pray for those who don't yet know God; and to

  • give and act as one.

Our futures are bound together more tightly than ever before. As we pray in our homes, around the nation and around the world, we are united as one family.

Please continue to pray for the Penman Medical Centre and The Princess Basma Centre for Children with Disabilities (both in Jerusalem) and for the Diocese of Mara in Tanzania. These two Dioceses will benefit from this year’s Lenten Appeal. It is easy for these sorts of projects to get overlooked given COVID-19 but we are determined to meet the commitments we made for these three projects before the world turned upside-down.

Let us all pause and find a moment of peace, as we lift up our hearts together in prayer.

Useful reading – the Anglican Alliance COVID-19 Resource page