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"Do not despise the day of small things…"

AMB Stamp Department Joy

12 January 2011

At the risk of quoting the bible completely out of context, we in the stamp department at the AMB could certainly take the verse in Zechariah 4 as our motto:

“Do not despise the day of small things…"

You don’t get many day to day things as small or as ordinary as a stamp, but sometimes that tiny bit of paper, or perhaps a quarter of a million or so, (give or take a Kiwi Stamp), can make an impact disproportionate to its size.

It can sometimes turn into a treasure hunt or a story with a plot worthy of Sherlock Holmes. First there was the overseas dealer who got very excited about 120,000 stamps that volunteers had sorted and catalogued. When he received the first consignment he was so pleased he bought a second one.

Then there were stamps which looked odd, as if there was something missing. We’ve have found a few of those because we have an eagle eyed volunteer who spotted them…and they made the Mission Board a lot of money.

Then there were the stamps which turned up in a very interesting envelope. The envelope was old with an address on it which had the whiff of adventure. The trail was followed, and the stamps were sent to a dealer in Australia.  The stamps sold for $4150 Australian.

Then there were the kilos and kilos which were sorted and trimmed and weighed and shipped and dispatched in bulk.

And without you sending them, none of this would happen.

So thanks once again, keep the stamps coming.