Appeal for Institute for Healing of Memories

launched by the Institute in South Africa

10 November 2017

The Institute for Healing of Memories is a social healing non-governmental organisation that works globally. For 20 years they have been able to contribute to the transformation of people's lives in South Africa and across the world. Very many people have said that their experience of healing of memories was life altering, life changing and transforming.

Although this work is now is developing across other parts of the world, the originating Institute in South Africa is facing a financial crisis. Contracts with three of their partners are coming to an end as those partners change their areas of focus.

They need help to survive and thrive.

The Institute is inviting all those whose lives have been touched by their work to make a kind of thank offering ideally on a regular basis.

Essentially they need 1.7 million Rands to be able to continue their work effectively in 2018.

They hope to build up a continuous income stream from Individual supporters as well as new and old partners to establish an enduring and strong foundation for long-term sustainability.

Donations can be made through their website: