Appeal for Queensland

Diocese of Wellington Launches an Appeal

17 January 2011

The Diocese of Wellington has launched an appeal fund through the North End branch of the ANZ bank. The name of the account is “ARCHBISHOP’S ERF APPEAL QLD” and the account number is 01 0535 0089638-28.

Identify yourself as the donor by giving your initials and surname. Then email the diocese at  and advise of the date and amount of your donation. Include your initials and surname along with your postal address.




Archbishop Aspinall said clergy are helping to care for those most affected by the crisis. "This care will continue long after the crisis is over as people repair and rebuild their homes and livelihoods," he said.

"Parishes which have been hit hard economically will struggle for some time to pay stipends and other operating costs at a time when demands on clergy are greatest."


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