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    17 December 2009

    If your parish had ordered resources for 2010 they should be with you in the next few days. more»
    Mission Resources for 2010 Out Now
  • December 2009 - Christmas: The Season of Mission

    9 December 2009

    - Samoa Tsunami Update
    - Lost in Translation
    - Shaping the Church for Mission
    - Strategic Plan 2010-2014
    - Changing Face of Mission cont.
    - AAW Overseas and Outreach Update link»
    Mission Action Out Now!
  • This story was initially published in The Dominion Post on November 7, 2009.

    9 December 2009

    Today's missionaries are a long way from the black-clad English clergymen pictured in 19th century paintings preaching to dark-skinned natives. The Anglicans' Church Missionary Society now sends mission 'partners' to regions all over the world - they are usually invited by local dioceses and their desire to work in the third world can be as much about helping the poor as it is about converting the locals. more»
    Mission Control by Cheryl Norrie