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  • Updates from Glen as he visits Fiji - Like Anglican Missions of Facebook to follow his trip!

    9 December 2010

    It's past 11pm Day one – I'm at Raffles Gateway Hotel Nadi, Fiji and it's warm – 25 degrees warm! and walking around is like walking through one of those Hot houses you find at a Botanical Gardens. But I'm jumping ahead and quite likely being a bit rude as well, given I haven't even introduced myself! I'm Glen, The Projects officer for Anglican Missions. I'm in Fiji to find out what I can about the many things the Anglican Church is doing here. Things which our church in New Zealand is actually quite involved in through the funds we send over every year. But how much do we really know? And how many of us in our church have any idea about what God is doing in His church here??? link»
    Finding Mission in Fiji
  • December 2010 - Wise Men Still Seek Him

    2 December 2010

    -Mission Perspective by Bishop David
    -Update on Carpenter's Kids
    -Update from NZCMS Mission Partner Rosie
    -Robert Kereopa and Hugh McBain Visit PNG
    -Annual Report
    -CLMC Registration Form
    -AAW Overseas and Outreach Update link»
    Mission Action Out Now!