Better World Gap Year

"Same Vision. New Progamme. Be a Part of a Better World"

29 August 2019

Better World Gap Year

From NZCMS Interchange E-news 23 August 2019:

Better World has now opened applications for 2020! Do you know any young people passionate about climate change? Do you have connections with those who are constantly reading up about refugees and immigration? Have you heard a school leaver asking questions about how the Gospel can influence social justice? If so, Better World may be exactly what God is calling them to!

If you'd like to know more or if you think a young person near you may be interested, visit the Better World website here or download an application now by going here. “

Read also more on the NZCMS website

Prayer needed also:

The Better World leaders are inviting people to join a specific team who commit to be praying with and for them: For this year’s current team, for the leadership, for the future visioning of the programme, for protection and safeguarding, for God’s Kingdom to come on earth as it is in Heaven. It feels like God is really at work here and they want to continue to align themselves with what God is doing.

“We invite people who feel they want to join a specific Better World prayer team to:

  • Commit to praying regularly for Better World. i.e. a specific time/day within your week.
  • Share any specific Words or Images that you might have as you pray for Better World.
  • Receive an occasional text or email (approx. monthly) from the Better World team with specific prayer requests or updates about the team, the programme, specific events/dates coming up. (We won’t be spamming you with lots of prayer requests and updates all the time)

We realise this invitation is not for everyone, so don’t feel obliged to say yes to this – if you feel stirred to join this prayer team and support Better World as a movement in this way then we’d love to hear from you.
To join the prayer team for Better World email