Christian World Service - Action against poverty

Decision-makers mentoring programme

1 June 2018

At CWS we value diversity of ideas and input into our action against poverty. We are looking for people of varying age groups and backgrounds to help inform us in our decision-making. Whatever your age or background, we invite you to join our 12-month “Action against poverty – Decision-makers mentoring programme”, which will offer you:

  • Exposure to governance in a faith-based aid organisation, supported by an experienced and qualified governance mentoring group
  • The opportunity to offer your ideas and support to CWS
  • The opportunity to express your faith through action in a caring and supportive environment
  • The ability to gain governance experience to complement your education and career development, and enhance your CV


Our mentoring programme is structured to include:

  • Participation in board meetings (as a mentee, not a formal Board member)
  • Participation in strategic discussions
  • Involvement in Operation Refugee; as a participant, preferably as part of a fundraising group;
  • 2 days voluntary work contribution, either in the Christchurch national office, or elsewhere as an ambassador/presenter;
  • Completion of a short (2-3 hours) on-line governance training course.


We are looking forward to hearing from you - if you feel ready for this challenge, contact us now!

See here for full details and application form.       Applications close: Saturday 30 June 2018            

Pauline McKay:    Christian World Service PO Box 22652 Christchurch 8140