Covid-19 Appeal funds provide

food vouchers and rations for families in Fiji

28 May 2020

The response by the people has been one of huge gratitude to Anglican Missions and the many donors for the Appeal as well as to the Archbishop and Diocese of Polynesia.

The report from the Diocese of Polynesia reports:

Following the initial field visit and assessment to Viti Levu West Episcopal Unit, one of the most affected ministry units in our Diocese due to the direct impact of the Tourism and sugar industry, mainly focusing on the western part of Fiji, our team returned with food vouchers sponsored by the AMB Appeal.

Phase 1: Initial Field Visit, Assessment and Report

Phase 2: AMB Appeal funds sent for the purpose of Priority – Food vouchers/rations for affected families as per COVID19 forms distributed.

Phase 3: Archbishop Cama presentation of chequeFJD$8,640.00 for 96 food vouchers from RB Patel Company, vouchers worth FJD$90.00 for the purpose of groceries, seedlings, gardening tools.

Phase 4: As per forms received, priority given to Viti Levu West, followed by other units in the diocese, members affected by COVID19 due to loss of jobs, reduced working hours, and especially those in the Tourism industry, Sugar industry, farmers and fishers and market vendors whose sales had also been affected.

Most church communities requested that because of the distance from town and transportation costs, they give us the shopping list, we make the shopping collection and deliver to the community….In one of the villages we visited, the speech from one of the elders was a teary one, firstly, one of gratitude to God for His Love, for His faithfulness and His care on His people. The speech was also of gratitude to the AMB, the Archbishop and Diocese for the assistance and remembering the people at such a time as this.

Read the full report here, details of the field visits to Viti Levu West, and an additional summary with further photos.