Cyclone Gita response update

Two containers of building materials full

21 June 2018

Tropical Cyclone Gita struck a number of Pacific Island countries in February, particularly Tonga. The Category 5 Cyclone was the most severe storm to hit Tonga in over 60 years, causing 2 fatalities, 41 injuries and destroying at least 171 houses. As a result of many generous donations, including AAW and the H&W Williams Trust, over $90,000 has been raised.

The Tongan Anglican Church has requested building materials, tools, chainsaws, portable generators and pre-positioned supplies to help ensure Anglican churches, which are often used as evacuation centres, are better prepared and able to respond to future events.

Anglican Missions has purchased two shipping containers which will be sent to Tonga next week: one will be positioned at St. Pauls Church in Nuku’alofa and the other at All Saints Anglican Church in Fasi. Both will be used to store prepositioned supplies and one of them will also be fitted out as a small joinery and carpentry workshop to help develop building skills of local communities.

This is an exciting initiative that not only responds to very real needs caused by the Cyclone but also will help the Anglican Church in Tonga to be better prepared for future events.

On behalf of the Anglican congregations in Tonga, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your very generous donations that have enabled Anglican Missions to respond to this event. We will continue to post photos and news on our website as the containers arrive and are unpacked.