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Cyclone Pam Regional Disaster Assessment

2 April 2015

Anglican Region of Port Vila & New Caledonia
Diocese of Vanuatu & New Caledonia
Church of the Resurrection, Tagabe
31st March 2015 P O Box 1031, Port Vila, Republic of Vanuatu
Tel: +678 5341769 – Senior Priest: Revd. J P Bani
: +678 7773925 – Regional Secretary/Office
E-mail: pvncanglican.region@outlook.com
PVNC Regional Disaster Komiti
Report on TC Pam Assessments conducted on 18th to 25th March 2015
Tropical Cyclone Pam passed over Vanuatu on 7-14 March 2015, having formed in Southern Solomon Islands then travelling along the Vanuatu chain in a South/South Easterly direction. The center of the cyclone passed 15 km east of Shefa province on Friday 13th March and headed directly over Tafea province the following day.
Therefore, in Shefa & Tafea provinces we have experienced extensive destruction of homes, food gardens; forests and general infrastructure (see pics attached).
Damage relief Assessments
A. The Committee
The PVNC Disaster Relief Assessment Committee was formed on Tuesday 17th March following phone communications with the ACoM General Secretary Dr. Abraham Hauriasi on Monday 16th March 2015. The PVNC DRAC was formed to undertake an assessment of the damage affecting members of the Anglican Church in Shefa & Tafea province.
[Note: At that time telecommunications with ACoM Vanuatu office/DOCVNC Office were not available]. We have access to accurate information supplied by the NDMO and partner governments who have undertaken aerial damage assessments since day 1.
The Vanuatu Government had activated their s via the National Disaster Management Office, coordinating most of the relief efforts contributed by our Overseas partners and friends.
The PVNC Disaster Relief Assessment Komiti comprises:
1. Fr. John P Bani/Senior Priest……………………..Chairman
2. Selwyn Leodoro/Regional Secretary…………..Coordinator
3. Fr. Dunstan Butu……………………………………….Member
4. Mrs. Carol Arugi………………………………………..Member
5. Mr. Humphrey Tamata………………………………Member
6. Mr. John Mark Hango………………………………..Member
7. Fr. Michael Tavoa………………………………………Member
B. Assessments
The Committee commenced damage assessments with Anglican members on Wednesday 18th March 2015, carried out by teams of Youth volunteers visiting Households starting at Tagabe Mission, side river, Switi, Black sands area and Bladiniere Estates. Then gradually moving out to areas under the Parish of Fresh Water, Teouma and the Sub Parish of Paunangisu. Assessments for the members of Seaside Parish were carried out by Mr. Fe’ilokitau Tevi, assisted by Fr. Dunstan Butu & Seaside Youth volunteers (see attached).
Our Assessments have covered most of Port Vila area, and parts of rural Efate, especially of Anglican members whose households are known to the teams. The exercise was made possible by the generous contribution of transport and food by Fr. Charles and Veve Rosalie Vatu. The parish of Tagabe also contributed VT.3,000 and Mr. Leodoro VT.1,000 for fuel costs to use the ACoM car.
We have used only pages 4 & 5 of the NDMO komiuniti Assessment forms.
Attached is a sample for information.
All the completed Assessment forms are kept in the PVNC Regional Office; only a summary is shared below. Even the last entry #24 [Eratap, Teouma, Paunangisu, N#.2 Lagoon, Erakor bridge, Ohlen & Switi] is summarized only in numbers, due to the limited time available for the completion of the exercise.
C. Summary of Assessments
The Summary of Assessments is attached for information for our partners, friends and anyone who may be interested in contributing to our rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts. It is also a partial Census of Anglican membership within the PVNC Region.
The Vanuatu Government, friends and Aid partners are concentrating their relief efforts on the immediate needs of Food, Sanitation, Medical supplies and temporary shelters (Tarpaulins), but not so much on the longer term objective of Reconstruction of homes which have been destroyed by TC Pam.
Members of the Vanuatu Provident Fund have been allowed to withdraw 20% of their funds to assist with the reconstruction of homes and the local Banks are promoting soft Loans to clients for the same purpose. Furthermore, the Vangov has imposed VAT exemptions on building materials to assist in reconstruction of homes.
However, the above measures may not be enough incentive for the Ni Vanuatu, bearing in mind that most of the victims are unemployed and live in the rural areas. Their ability to rebuild is therefore limited and they will need special assistance to rebuild their homes.
The PVNC Disaster Relief Committee therefore recommends:
1. That the Anglican Church along with our friends and partners should concentrate our efforts on providing building materials to our members to enable them to rebuild their homes.
2. That the Anglican Church review and upgrade our disaster preparedness, awareness and resilience in future disasters based on the models and experience of TC Pam.
3. That the Anglican Church prepares for any future disasters by building safe Houses or Cyclone proof shelters in or near all our Parishes within the Province of Melanesia.
4. That the Anglican Church should stock emergency supplies, preferably in a container located close by to any evacuation shelters. All necessary items should be stocked, including generators, chain saws, medical kits, solar panels, radios, beddings, food items, rain coats & safety clothing, etc.,
5. That the Anglican Province of Melanesia should actively prepare our members in disaster Risk Reduction strategies in order to save more lives during any disaster.
6. That all Clergy and Lay staff of the ACoM be up skilled in Disaster Risk Reduction strategies as a measure to enhance our preparedness during times of disaster.
Selwyn Leodoro
Regional Secretary