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Emergency Appeal - Al Ahli Arab Hospital, Gaza

Appeal now closed

20 May 2021

THANK YOU - we have raised NZ$23,324 (as at 19 July) which will make a huge difference to their ability to assist those affected by recent conflict, to build up their supplies again and continue to be a beacon of hope in the region!

Background at the time the appeal was launched:

A ‘beacon of hope’ in a land that has so frequently been shrouded by conflict and religious tensions, the Al-Ahli Arab Hospital has remained steadfast in its mission to serve the community of Gaza. Irrespective of religious identification or social class, Ah-Ahli serves over 45,000 patients each year, and in 2020 the hospital was able to continue providing essential medical care despite Covid-19 and the high rates of unemployment in the city. It is because of you that this was possible.

As hostilities continue to flare up in the Holy Land, the already stressed and stretched facility finds itself stuck in the firing line. Bombings in the area have caused significant damage to the local infrastructure, yet Al-Ahli Hospital manages to continue providing medical treatment despite the loss of electricity and blast damage to its windows. An additional surgery ward has been established to treat those wounded in the conflict and generators are running around the clock to keep the hospital functioning[1].

The compounding effects of Covid-19 and the recent conflict have exhausted the hospital’s resources. Now more than ever they require our support. Al-Ahli is calling for help to fund medical supplies, essential medicines, and fuel to keep the generators operating.

From the Executive Director, American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem:

I spoke with Suhaila Tarazi, the director of Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City, yesterday. I’d called her earlier and left a message. She called back in the early evening – the middle of the night in Gaza. I told Suhaila we could talk another time and she told me, “there’s no sleeping in Gaza.”

Throughout our call I heard explosions in the background. Suhaila said to me, “I’ve lived through three wars in Gaza and I’ve seen nothing like this. The destruction is everywhere. I can’t describe the horror and fear we feel. For the first time I am depressed and terrified.”

Suhaila went on, “The innocent in Gaza and Israel are dying. Men, women and children who have done nothing wrong. We ask God to inspire the war decision makers of Hamas and Israel to stop this new tragedy as there will be no winner in this war. We all are losers.”

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