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Emergency Appeals update

PNG Appeal closed; Gaza Appeal still open

10 July 2018

Outcome of the Emergency Appeal for Papua New Guinea following the earthquake and aftershocks earlier this year:

Anglican Missions would like to sincerely thank everyone who contributed to this Appeal. You helped to raise over $17,000!

The Archbishop of the Anglican Church in PNG requested help from the global Anglican Communion and the money raised by Anglican Missions will contribute to this wider response. A joint early-recovery project between Anglicare PNG, the Anglican Church of PNG and the Church Partnership Programme aims to help 19 vulnerable communities living in the most affected districts in the Hela and Southern Highland Provinces of PNG to recover from the earthquakes. The earthquake destroyed water tanks and contaminated water sources, such as rivers and creeks. The recovery project, which also aims to build long-term community resilience, will improve access to safe drinking water and sanitation facilities and emphasise good hygiene practice in order to minimise the incidence of disease. The project will also support psychosocial support, trauma counselling and pastoral care.

Over the past couple of months, PNG church partners, which have been formally recognised by the Government, have worked together to coordinate needs assessments and to identify at-risk communities.

Further updates and photos will be added as this project is rolled out.

Emergency Appeal to support the Al Alhi Arab Anglican Hospital, Gaza:

This Appeal was launched in May to support the Al Alhi Arab Anglican Hospital who needed urgent financial support to obtain emergency medicine and medical supplies following a period of violence in the region.The Diocese of Jerusalem asked the Anglican Communion for help. Funding will help procure emergency medicine, medical supplies and fuel for generators and to support doctors and nurses who are often working round the clock to respond to injured and traumatised patients. 

Anglican Missions has a long and enduring relationship with the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem and has also supported Al-Ahli Hospital for over a decade. At present this Appeal is still continuing and we commend it to you for support.