FIJI – Young and 'Old'

So what are your plans for 2015?

19 December 2014

“No food, really means ‘NO food’. If you don’t catch fish, you only have your crops to eat”
“Fijian people are so welcoming. We were strangers, but they treated us like family”

Youth Mission

The AMB gave some generous financial support to assist another Youth team to go on mission to Fiji. They visited remote villages -that have never hosted a white group before; attended six churches from the Suva Cathedral to the ‘tin cathedral’, to a make-shift church in a bus garage; heard about the plights of people kidnapped from the Solomon’s and brought as slave labour to Fiji; combined with Cathedral youth to minister breakfast on Suva streets before dawn; learnt about specialist laptops developed for third-world countries at the University; heard the testimonies and singing of students from an Anglican High School; met children living in an orphanage; and experience living together ‘marae-style’ at the Bible College in Suva.
The team sang and taught songs, shared personal testimonies, spoke out publicly to groups, prayed for strangers, and offered themselves to serve as best they could in the villages they went to. And learnt a life lesson, No food really does mean, No food!!!

Golden Oldies Mission

Meanwhile the Golden Oldies Missions to Fiji, now in its third year has continue to evolve. Team members from previous years have been so inspired that they are now returning to offer their skills and knowledge to the villages and people of the Church of Polynesia. Many are projects that the AMB are also partnering with. From teaching the teachers and students; to assistance in a hospital; sewing clothes at St Christopher’s Orphanage; to running a crafts workshop for ladies from throughout Fiji.

“We taught them how to embroid crosses that they can make back in their villages, then sell as gifts to raise money for their children’s furthering education”

says Elizabeth Risk who along with Carlene Sykes started this cross project after the 2013 Golden Oldies Mission. They have been a great success, and just having all the ladies travelling from throughout Fiji for the ‘Craft Shop’ to learn and share ideas was inspiring to us all.

While this was happening the first-timer Golden Oldies, the ‘Interns’ were viewing a range of mission projects from education, to health to aged-care, and even going to a prison (to visit!). Now these ‘Interns’ are talking about returning as a ‘Graduate’ to become even more involved in missions in Fiji!

So what’s your plans for 2015? Have you ever thought about experiencing a short term mission to Fiji? Come along, and bring a friend too!

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Fiji Youth Mission -July 2015;    Fiji Golden Oldies Mission -August 2015
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