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Get one. Give one. is receiving fantastic support

$100,000!! and rising

13 September 2021

Funding to the Get one. Giveone. Campaign has now reached over an amazing $100,000!! and rising. This means that at least 10,000 people can get a vaccine who would otherwise not be able to receive one.
THANK YOU so much for your generosity. You will note that the Givealittle page shows a total of around $94,526, however our total of $100,000+ is made up of donations through Givealittle plus monies that have been donated directly to the Anglican Missions account.

We are very excited to be well over our initial target of $80,000, and we will push on with this campaign to aim for a new goal of $150,000!


We are sharing it far and wide and we very much appreciate your help with this.

You can help in the following ways:

  1. Put Get one. Give one. in your email signature
  2. Share the Givealittle page on social media, even add why you support the Campaign
  3. Put posters up in your workplace, community and school.
  4. Run a fundraising event (see resources on our dropbox).
  5. Share your awesome stories with us.


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