The Institute for Healing of Memories

Annual Report and Support/Bequests

25 June 2009


We are proud to be able to present to you our report for 2008. It could be downloaded from our website here

Should you wish to receive a hard copy please notify us and include your postal address.
Although not a large organisation the reach of our work continues to expand across the planet. In one sense it is a sad commentary on the state of the world that there is so much need for healing of memories. On the other hand it is a sign of hope that people in so many contexts recognize and reach out for ways of healing themselves, their communities and nation.
In our context in South Africa, I have long believed, that as much as we need to construct a new society, dealing with the wounds of the past will be with us for several generations. We know that participation in one of our workshops is significant and may indeed be life changing for some.
We thank each of you for the ways you contribute already to our work and ongoing viability. We estimate that it costs approximately R1850 per participant to run a healing of memories workshop in Cape Town. Some participants pay this workshop cost but for many this cost is beyond their financial capacity.
Those of you who read this annual report are in most cases already supporting our work in numerous ways. Would you as an individual consider: a) sponsoring one or more participant b) making a regular stop order to the work of the Institute c) bequest?
As an NGO/Not for profit entity we are acutely conscious of the vulnerability which people across the world are experiencing as a consequence of the economic downturn. One painless way of contributing to our long term viability and the healing of many is through a bequest. As you ponder your last life wishes, please consider including a bequest to the Institute. Our banking and contact details are at the end of the annual report. Thank you for considering this way of including healing of memories as part of your own legacy to the world.
With prayers and best wishes,
Yours sincerely,

Fr. Michael Lapsley, SSM