Archbishop's Enthronement

Anglican Church of Melanesia

25 June 2009

Bishop_Igara_kneeling_before_archbishop__2_.JPGThe Rt Rev David Vungai was enthroned as the Archbishop of Melanesia on Pentecost Sunday in what could only be described as a joyful and colourful three hour service in Honiara at St Barnabas’ Cathedral attended by over 4000 people. Following the service, there was much feasting and celebrating as gifts were presented by the various diocese and visitors, including gifts from the Rt Rev Ngarahu Katene and Rev Hamish Thomson from AMB.

The Anglican Church is the largest church in Melanesia and is actively engaged with many aspects of community life and in his address the Archbishop spoke of the need to address the rising level of domestic and substance abuse through education and training, as well as acknowledging the legacy of ethnic conflict and the role of the Church in the ongoing reconciliation process.