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May 2009

27 May 2009

Dear friends in Christ,

This has not been the best month for us and we've been leaning on the Lord a little more than usual. We have also been very conscious of your prayer that sustains us ' in sickness and in health'. Iri has has a bout of malaria which followed a stomach virus. The malaria did not go away and required a second dose of medication and actually the medication is worse than the disease. Now Kate is recuperating from malaria! It will be good to see the end of the month really!

We heard this wonderful story and really must share it with you for it encouraged us greatly. Please spread the story far and wide and give praise and thanksgiving.
A husband in egypt found his wife reading the bible and threatened her. He found her doing this again and again so in his fury, killed her. When he buried her body, he also buried in revenge, their two daughters, one a babe, the other an eight year old, - alive.
Almost three weeks later, an old family member died and when the family grave was opened to bury him, the little girls were found alive. People were astounded and asked the eight year old how she had survived. She replied that a shiny man with holes in his hands came to feed her every day and woke their mother up to feed the baby. The little girl was interviewed by a newsreader at peak time. After hearing the child's story, the newsreader, on nation-wide television, announced that this could only have been 'the one' because nobody else does things like that.
Oh that the whole world would know this story and believe.

The semester is nearing an end, exams and tests are taking place, students are going out on placement and there are visitors on campus to take seminars. The place is buzzing prior to graduation at the end of June but next weekend we will happily welcome our own visitors, for Kate's sister and two friends arrive from Tasmania for a few weeks holiday. Plans are afoot to take them to Ruaha National Park and to Zanzibar. A 40 hour train trip to Zambia to view the magnificent Victoria Falls then on to Botswana to the Chobe National Park should keep them out of mischief. Two of the ladies are coming to assist at Canon Andrea Mwaka International School for most of June before touring while Kate's sister will help out at Msalato. Having friends and family about will really cheer us up after what has been a pretty dismal month.

There are staff changes afoot at the end of the current academic year and we will welcome new faces, new ideas and new friends. While we have sufficient help in the Theology and English departments, we are still in need of someone with good computer skills, to teach and, to keep our network in running order. If you are that person or know him, then a big welcome awaits him here at Msalato. A tourist visa lasts for three months and accommodation is ready! I'll even make a cake!

We do look forward to hearing your news and keeping up with developments so thank you to those who keep our post box busy. Our address is as always PO Box 264, Dodoma and our email: kateandiri@hotmail.com

For now,
Love and blessings,
In His name,
Iri and Kate