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Mud Brick Miracles

Suva, Fiji

19 September 2019

Mud Brick Miracles




After years of planning, Graeme, Roger, Thomas are making inroads in their bid to allow an existing store of mud bricks to be authorised for use in public housing in Suva. The mud bricks currently cannot be used because they have not been tested and approved as safe; the team is searching for a way to get the bricks tested and then approved so that they can be accessed by local families to build one-story houses.

In a recent update, Graeme (co-founder of the Golden Oldies and project lead) humourously pointed out some of the team’s struggles, including delayed transport and 4am starts! But he also highlighted a number of recent ‘miracles’: government officials warming to the idea, and offers of assistance for testing and building expertise.

See more details about the project here.

And starting the project journey

Latest update 22 August 2019

Note: Anglican Missions has had a part in this project as we arranged for the bricks to be tested at the lab in Suva for official accreditation.

Read here Chapter One of the Mud Brick project – what has been acheived to date...more to come early 2020!


Left side photo: from left to right Roger O’Callaghan, Archbishop Fereimi Cama, Thomas Mitchell, Rev Amy Chambers and Graeme Mitchell

                     Top right photo: Bishop Henry, Queenie, Tom Mitchell (from the Golden Oldies project) and Mine Manager, Benson at the mud quarry


Carrying sand to make the first test bricks