Murray and Féy - Return to Albania

November Update

26 November 2012


Hi everyone,

We left NZ from Auckland after a great few days in Auckland catching up with family, friends and the opportunity of speaking at the Auckland Cathedral. But we were pretty tired when we finished so our three days in Singapore were spent sleeping, eating Chinese and Indian food, with just a spot of sightseeing. We really enjoyed the rest. 

After Singapore our next stop was Portugal, (via Frankfurt) to spend five days at an ECM Australia/New Zealand missionary retreat. It was mostly with a bunch of Aussies, but we still enjoyed it, and it was a helpful time for us as 'time out' on our way back to Albania.

We have been back in Albania now for nearly two weeks. This has been a time of readjusting, looking for a house to rent and speaking Albanian again. The main points of our return are:

  • An America family on home assignment let us use their house, BUT, no water, no power to the 2nd story where we slept and no hot water (most issues were sorted in a few days)
  • No internet, and as the house is on the outskirts of the city we went into Féy's new office each day for internet. This was a good time for her to get to know the staff and deal with a few issues too.
  • Finding an apartment to rent!

We began house hunting using a new real-estate newspaper (buy sell swap type). Initially we looked at Murray's choices first - cheap places which proved to be dumps. Féy then took us to an Agency which showed us some good places which were affordable and very livable though quite small. Eventually we found a place ourselves from the newspaper -  which has been a boost for us all round - it is priced well, is a large flat on the second floor in a private villa, and has a few things that are not usual in Albania such as  a walk in wardrobe and separate laundry room. We have moved in and the internet should be connected today - it was supposed to be yesterday, but it rained... 

We are so grateful that everything has happened so quickly and smoothly. Please pray with us now, as we find a tutor put together a short intensive language course for ourselves so we can move on in our Albanian. 

Thank you so much for your prayer, your support and your encouragement.

With every blessing,

Murray and Féy