New Diocese in Tanzania - Tarime

First Bishop of the Diocese of Tarime is Dr Mwita Akiri

15 September 2010

IMG_1138.jpgDr Mwita Akiri, who has been Provincial Secretary of the Province of Tanzania for the last ten years until June 30, 2010 was consecrated as the first bishop of new Diocese of Tarime on July 4, 2010 at St Luke's Church in Tarime, in Mara Region, west of Serengeti National Park in Northern Tanzania. Dr. Akiri was elected as bishop in April 2010. The Archbishop of Tanzania, the Most Rev Dr. Valentino Mokiwa and other sixteen Anglican Bishops, two Mennonite Bishops and one bishop from the Africa Inland Church who is also the Chairman of the Christian Council of Tanzania attended the consecration. Also present were local and overseas guests and over 2000 worshippers from various Anglican parishes and other local churches. The Principal of Wycliffe College, at the University of Toronto, Professor George Sumner was the preacher. The occasion was graced by President of Tanzania, H.E. Jakaya Mrisho  Kikwete who was the Guest of Honour. Dr. Akiri begins his ministry in a very young Diocese with 28 Parishes, many young clergy and just over 10,000 baptized Anglicans.

When interviewed about his priorities for Tarime, Dr. Akiri said, "Church growth through intensive evangelism and bible based teaching for all shall be a top priority for us in Tarime. We shall also focus on empowerment/capacity building for clergy both in terms of training and improvement of living standards. Peace building programmes among the Wakuria clans shall also be our priority, as well as community development programmes for all the people living within the Diocese of Tarime, namely Tarime district, regardless of their religious or political affiliation". He adds, "In a young diocese such as Tarime with very little human and financial resources at our disposal, we are well aware that we would not achieve much without the support of the local and international partners. I therefore invite all individuals, parishes, dioceses and organizations to join us in Tarime, by sending us any resources (human and financial). My promise to any potential partner is that whatever resources we get shall be utilized well and faithfully, with impact and tangible results at the core of our activities. We shall plan well before we embark on any actual programmes, be they for evangelism, empowerment, and community development programmes. There is no doubt that the challenges ahead are enormous. However, as ever the Lord God will be our guide and our strength"