Newlands plans trip to Tonga for July 2012

Visiting St Andrews' School in Tonga

4 May 2012

Loading the container.The container is being filled with materials for a trip to St Andrew’s School Tonga. Four one week work parties have been organised. The Ohariu Archdeaconry has taken the first of these weeks and will go to Tonga for the first week of July 2012. Our work group will be 41 people large, including several families. A few of the people are going for the whole four weeks. In our week we will start rebuilding the cooking room and adding a dining room so the school can start a hospitality course as well as school cooking. We will be refurbishing a science lab and putting a roof on the school piggery so they can rebuild their agriculture training.

As well we have in our group some people with special skills. Some will do professional development with the teachers, some will run a holiday programme for our children and local Tongan children, the clergy in our party will work with the Tongan clergy, a nurse in our party has been asked to talk to nurse trainees over there. We also hope to build relationships, make friends and have some fun.

Supported by the Tikanga Pakeha Missions Council Grant »