News from Rwenzori Special Needs Foundation (RSNF), Uganda

23 January 2020

From Daniel:

On behalf of the Board of Trustees Rwenzori Special Needs Foundation, I have had a great pleasure being the Project manager for the last 10 years now, during this time we have achieved a number of significant milestones that I have been sharing with you in 2019.

Our special  committed team continues to make a tremendous difference to hundreds of children on a daily basis...I’m sure our success has been acknowledged by our partners, friends and other organisations that look to learn from us. But the best manifestation of our success is the improvement in the children who need neurosurgery for hydrocephalus, spina bifida, and other neurosurgical conditions, vocational training, income generating projects to the families where there is a child with disability ,health on clefts surgeries/ rehabilitation and wellbeing of the children themselves.

Over the past twelve months, the sources and diversity of RSNF’s income have continued to expand, reflecting the success and credibility of our programmes on the ground

This year 2020 we hope to continue to build on this success and getting more partners on board, under my leadership and of others as well....... we look forward to strengthening and developing relationships more with the people of New Zealand through churches, Companies, schools, individuals to enable us to continue and increase the funds for the good work we are doing with children with disability in Fort Portal-Uganda especially those in Rwenzori region 

Finally, I would like to thank our small team in Fort Portal for their dedication and hard work over the past year as well as our growing number of supporters – both donors and volunteers – on whose contributions RSNF relies for its ability to help even more children. 

The challenges that the children in our area of operations face are not insurmountable if we continue to work together towards the common goal – that every child has a happy and hope-filled future. I believe that this is a commitment that we all share.

I look forward to another busy and productive year ahead, and wish you all a very happy New Year. With very best wishes,” 

More from Daniel, end Jan:

Happening now – 20 patients registered for clefts surgeries and 30 registered for surgery on clubfoot neurosurgery for hydrocephalus, spina bifida, and other neurosurgical conditions. 

Making a total of 50. We're so excited about providing outstanding medical care and sharing the love of Jesus!”

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