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Operation Refugee

a CWS initiative

12 May 2016

Operation Refugee

We would like to encourage you to support a new Christian World Service initiative.
Operation Refugee gives you a chance to  give some help to refugees.   The challenge is to live on the same rations as a Syrian refugee during Refugee Week, 16-20 June, and raise as much money as you can.  You are supplied with the rations and you sign up family and friends as sponsors.  The rations are based on what a Syrian refugee receives living in a Lebanese refugee camp - just a small amount of rice, split peas, salt, fish, flour and oil.
CWS is wanting 90 people to register and do the Challenge with them. Their goal is to raise  $55,000 to support refugees living in Lebanon and Jordan. Operation Refugee is a practical way to keep hope alive for families who want a better future.
The website that has all the details including registration is   www.cwsoperationrefugee.nz 

Please see also /dox/CWS%20Refugee%20Toolkit_Final.pdf    and    /dox/Ration%20Challenge%20GS%20(1).pdf