Please continue to pray for our Lenten Appeal projects

Appeal now closed

12 April 2021

Please pray for the projects we are supporting through this year’s Lenten Appeal

Prayer from Diocese of Jerusalem for St Luke’s Hospital, Nablus:
Our Lord Jesus Christ keep our hospital and employees, give them the health to keep St. Luke's Hospital to stay a possession of love transmitting care, and the healing ministry to the sick and suffering, to the poor and needy patients especially during the time of the coronavirus pandemic. Amen.

Prayer for the Diocese of Egypt:
Lord, we give thanks for the Christian congregations of Egypt and in particular we pray for the youth that they will feel equipped and encouraged by the youth leadership training being offered. May they always find their home in Jesus. Amen

Prayer for the Anglican Church of Melanesia:
Almighty God, we give thanks for those brothers and sisters in the church of Melanesia who choose to serve you - for the religious communities and for the sisters who support the vulnerable at the Christian Care Centre in Honiara. We pray for the successful and safe installation of water tanks and systems; and that these will be a blessing for these communities. We thank you Lord for your provision. Amen