Pray, Give and Go

a partnership between Anglican Missions and NZCMS

25 May 2020

From our beginnings, NZCMS and Anglican Missions have worked in partnership to send missionaries from New Zealand to the world.

Anglican Missions came into existence in 1919 with the objective of “promoting the missionary work of the Church.” NZCMS had been established as a voluntary society more than 20 years prior and missionaries were already being sent out from New Zealand.  Anglican Missions was established out of the concern that global mission should not be left solely to individuals but seen as part of the ministry of the Church as a whole.

A century later, we continue to work in partnership, with NZCMS functioning as the mission sending arm, and Anglican Missions as the mission funding arm. Each NZCMS Mission Partner receives 50% of their financial support through Anglican Missions, and there is a sense that the whole Church participates when Mission Partners are sent out.

Should we still be sending missionaries? – read here a recent article by Rosie, Fyfe, National Director of NZCMS