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Praying for the Province of Southern Africa

Partners in Prayer diary day 26

26 July 2021

As with many areas in the world, Mozambique is suffering from the effects of covid-19 exacerbating poverty, hunger and malnutrition.

Bishop Vicente from the Diocese of Niassa is grateful for our prayers and reports the following:

"...we were supposed to inaguarate 2 more Dioceses this month,but last week the President declared another lockdown, churches are completely closed, this makes it difficult again for the people.This happens after churches operated in 2 months of June July.We think that the numbers of participants could be reduced to 20 people depending on the capacity of the building….


Their region has been experiencing killings following a rise in terrorism in the region…”just on Monday 3 bodies were descovered in my Diocese just 103 kilometers away from where i live.The bodies shows that the people were tortured and then shot.This is not the first killing in that area… The coming of SADC soldiers to help bringing peace seems to bring some sort of hope”


Please pray for us.

Every blessing”