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Remembering Refugees

Christian World Service

30 June 2021

Christian World Service (CWS) is asking you to remember refugees and displaced people in your prayers and has prepared resources for churches to use.

 Rev Sharon Ross Ensor has prepared worship materials including prayers, stories and Biblical reflections, drawing attention to their needs and concerns.

Last month the United Nations advised that nearly 82.4 million people had fled wars, violence, persecution and human rights violations by the end of 2020.  Nearly 9 out of 10 refugees are hosted in neighbouring countries.  As a member of ACT Alliance (Action by Churches Together), CWS is in touch with many local organisations working with them. 

CWS is challenging churches to join this year’s Operation Refugee.  Individuals, teams or churches can eat from the Food Box equivalent refugee rations for five days, organise a banquet or feast or undertake a walking challenge. 

Funds raised will mean the Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees can help Syrian, Palestinian and other refugees with food, education and medical care in Jordan and Lebanon.

Please join the challenge!  Contact organiser, Eric Park to find out how you can take part: eric.park@cws.org.nz or phone 022 377 6606. 

Operation Refugee runs from June 20 to October 24.

“You give them something to eat” Matthew 14:16

Photo: Syrian refugee in Jordan - credit ACT Alliance -Paul Jeffrey