Second Bishop of Wellington - Personal letters

19 December 2019

Anglican Missions was delighted to recently host the launch of a collection of personal letters written by the second Bishop of Wellington, New Zealand, now available to the public online.

Bishop Octavius Hadfield resided in the bishop’s house adjacent to Old St Paul’s in Mulgrave Street, from where the Anglican Missions offiice is now run. He was the second bichsop of Wellington, and wrote many personal letters to his family members in England, with details about his daily life, concerns as a bishop, observations on racial wars, and many other matters. His letters were gifted to the Wellington City Libraries Archives by one of his descendants and two staff members having been deciphering and metadata-tagging the lettersso that they can be available for the public to search and read online, as well as scanning each letter so that the original handwriting can be seen and preserved.

For a short summary of the launch, see the video by History Specialist Gábor Tóth here

To go straight to the digitised papers, visit Wellington Recollect