Solomon Islands Trip

All Saints Taradale

25 November 2011

Supported by the Tikanga Pakeha Missions Council Grant »
Letter to Missions Board & MSL Group at All Saints Taradale on 8/10/11


Dear All,

On behalf of our team I would like to especially thank you all for your support both financially and pastorally towards our recent trip, with NZCMS to the Solomon Islands. We are most appreciative of this support which enabled us to all travel together as a team representing All Saints Anglican Parish of Taradale. Our trip under the leadership of Anna Tovey from NZCMS was very successful. We spent most of our time on the mainland of Guatecanal at the Capital Honiara. Our almost 3 weeks was divided between working in two parishes. Christ the King, a more rural parish which is attached to Norman Palmer School and St Barnabas their cathedral parish, attached to St Nicholas School. We worked mainly with young people as we spent our mornings at both schools. Then afterschool we organised Drama workshops, games and lots of fun. On Saturday morning we also gave a Music workshop. In the schools we supported the teaching staff with RE lessons, an IT lesson and several reading comprehension groups.

There were some very outstanding moments as we all made the most of opportunities to build relationships with the people and to serve God. I know I can speak for everyone that this trip will stay with us for a long time to come. We also had an opportunity to go out to the Theological College, to the Sisters of the Church and the Sisters of Melanesia. Val Chapman one of our team led 4 retreats at various places with the sisters and with the Sunday school leaders.  This was received with much enthusiasm.

We also were able to visit with Father Patteson, our guide, who drove us everywhere, a Christian Care Centre. This was situated on the outskirts of town in a private village supported by the Diocese.

Our hearts went out to the sisters who worked tirelessly to support many women and children who had been sent there because of abuse or ill treatment.

We have come home with several ideas that we have shared with our church to perhaps provide on-going support for some of the groups we have met.

One of the most exciting things happening at the moment is the continued contact with a young man called William Eta, whom we met at the Sunday School group where he is a leader, to invite him out to our Diocese for a Year Long Internship in 2012.

As I write this letter the Bishops are speaking to one another to see how we can make this happen. We are very excited by this and continue to pray for this process to go smoothly and with Gods grace.

I firmly believe this trip will be the beginning of a very long relationship with the Solomon Islands. And we pray that in partnership with you all we will be able to make this happen.

Once again our sincere thanks and blessings to you all.

On behalf of the team

Peter Williamson, Hayden Simmiss, Val Chapman, Roslynn Young & Sandi Hall

Cc Sandi Hall
Youth Facilitator
Diocese of Waiapu


Photos from the trip!