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Stamps raise over $7000 in 2009

Donate your used stamps

5 January 2010

Anglican Missions sales of used stamps in 2009 raised a total of $7,076.97, making it a record year for our sales of stamps. Stamps were sold to dealers and through TradeMe throughout the year.


Stamps can still be donated to Anglican Missions. Please send them to:

Anglican Missions
PO Box 12012


Want to help us prepare the stamps for sale?
However, if you don’t have the time to sort or trim the stamps for us, we are still very happy to take them just as they are.

You can help us by sorting the stamps into these four categories:

  1. NZ  on paper
  2. Foreign on paper
  3. NZ soaked off paper
  4. Foreign soaked off paper

If you have the time you can also help by trimming the stamps. Please leave 3mm (about ¼ inch) of paper around the stamp – any more paper than that we have to re-trim them as they are sold by weight! If you cut less than this you risk cutting off the perforations which will mean we have to discard it.

If a stamp is damaged in any way, it should be discarded! (pen-marks, heavy postmarks, staple impressions, torn, bent, corners missing or any perforations missing – throw them out!)