Syria Unites in Prayer

Pray for Syria on the 11th of May

10 May 2013

The 11th of May will be a praying day for Syria in all the Syrian territories. All of the churches in Syria will unite in prayer in many places all around the war-torn nation. This is a unique unity of Christians in the country. The Syrian Christians ask their brothers and sisters all around the world to pray with them on that day. All denominations in Syria are to be a part of this day.

In Damascuss, the churches will meet in the arena, and will be prayers in several suburbs of the city. In Aleppo, the whole Christian community and surroundings are getting together to pray. This is a huge event as it has never happened in Syria before. They will have 2 meetings back to back, one hosted by the Catholic Church and the other at the Orthodox Church.

Confirmation of prayer meetings in the following places;

  • Aleppo and suburbs,
  • Damascus and suburbs,
  • Kamishli
  • Hasakeh,
  • Hama,
  • Homs,
  • Latakia,
  • Swaida,
  • Bloudan,
  • Zabadani,
  • Katana.

All over the country there will be prayers held at churches, homes and other places.

  • Participating denominations in Syria:
  • Protestants; Nazarene Church, Presbyterian Church, Baptist Church
  • Catholic Church; Roman Catholics and Orthodox Church
  • Syriac Church; Syriac Orthodox, Syriac Catholic
  • Armenian; Armenian Orthodox , Armenian Catholic, Armenian Evangelical
  • Latin Church
  • Chaldean Church.   

Denominations worldwide are joining in prayers too. Churches in Germany, France, Norway, India, Sweden, USA, Canada are joining at that day.

One of the prayer requests is for reconciliation among Christian denominations.