Our Thanks and a Few Important Dates

From Anglican Missions

7 December 2012

As the end of year approaches quickly, we’d like to thank everyone who has supported overseas mission this year through Anglican Missions. We are humbled to be able to advise that as we approach the end of year it appears that overall Tikanga Giving will be close to that achieved in 2011. We will be able to meet the commitments we made to our Mission Partners for 2012. They too are struggling with the current world economic situation so your support is vital in ensuring their work continues.



Important Dates

The Anglican Missions office closes on Friday 21st of December, and we appreciate that any 2012 Tikanga Giving reach us by this date. As our financial year ends on 31 December we will be getting under way with the end of year accounts early in 2013. Contributions for 2012 which reach us by Wednesday 9th January 2013 and which are clearly marked as 2012 mission giving will be able to be included in the 2012 Diocesan Mission Giving figures.

Parishes may if they wish, directly deposit funds to our bank account

BNZ: North End Branch, Wellington
Account Name: Anglican Missions Board
Account Number: 02 0585 0001796 00

Reference: Parish Name

If directly depositing money please ensure that we are notified either in writing or by email to:  accounts@angmissions.org.nz



Finally can we please ask for you to check for any appeal funds your parish may be holding ready for distribution to Anglican Missions. Every year we always get appeal funds from parishes sometimes dating back over a year so we would appreciate it if you could have a quick check so we can send these on to our partners. Thank you.