Learning from London: Mission and Evangelism in the 21st Century

An academic travel course on mission & evangelism in the Diocese of London

3 July 2014

We have all heard the news and analysis: the Episcopal Church in the US has shrunk by 24% over the last decade, and prospects for much of the church look dim. Many reasons for this decline are offered: growing secularity, the rise of the “nones”, changing attitudes towards religion and religious observance, the encounter with other religions. But inevitable decline is not the only story to be told for Anglicanism in the developed world.

Since 1990, the Diocese of London in the Church of England has grown by 70%, in terms of average weekly attendance. Since 2000, giving has increased by 50%. This has come about through a combination of dynamic local parish programs, strategic planning for planting and renewing churches, and an inspiring vision set forth by the diocese. All of this has taken place in the midst of one of the most diverse, vibrant, cosmopolitan, multi-faith and secularized urban centers in the world. 

Learning_from_London_Jason_Fout.jpgHow has this come about? And what may be learned from London’s methods for our own context? Join Dr. Jason Fout for an in-depth introduction to the many facets of the mission and evangelism taking place in the Diocese of London in January of 2015. We will spend our time learning best practices from seasoned practitioners. Plan to come away energized to tell a different story about the possibilities present to the church in America!

This course would be suitable for MDiv or DMin students, as well as anyone charged with leadership in the church.



Find out more by reading the Learning from London brochure or visiting www.bexleyseabury.edu/learningfromlondon