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Ukraine Crisis Appeal

7 March 2022

Ukraine Crisis Appeal

More than half of Ukraine’s children have now been displaced – one month after the war began.  This includes more than 1.8 million children who have crossed over into neighbouring countries as refugees, and 2.5 million who are now internally displaced within Ukraine itself. The invasion has led to devastating consequences on civilian infrastructure and access to basic services including medical care and education. In the past four weeks, for example, there have been at least 52 attacks that have directly impacted hospitals.  

Anglican Missions is encouraging contributions to the ACT Alliance, a global faith-based coalition of more than 140 members. The ACT Alliance is providing practical support through local churches and to thousands of refugees who continue to cross the border into Hungary. Key partners of ours such as Christian World Service (CWS) and Anglican Overseas Aid are also supporting the ACT Alliance response.

 Donate through CWS here