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Update on the Mozambique appeal

Photos of Archbishop Thabo's visit to the Diocese of Niassa

15 April 2019

Over the weekend Archbishop Thabo Makgoba of Cape Town, South Africa, visited the Diocese of Niassa in Mozambique. His aim was to get a sense of the extent of destruction of Cyclone Idai, and to start the process of distributing the seeds that the money raised by Anglican Missions from our Mozambique appeal has provided. He has said this is a “neglected place where only the church is visible”. You can see a summary of his visit here. $5000 was sent to Mozambique last week to purchase the seeds and fertiliser, and we intend to make a second payment next week – there is only a small time period available to get the seeds into the ground to ensure at least one crop later this year. Thank you so much for your support - the donations you have generously made are already making an immediate difference. 

Photos below, from left: Archbishop Thabo distributing seeds to those in need; latrines in the relief camp; temporary shelters in the relief camp; children showing their happy side in the relief camp; villagers gather to hear Archbishop Thabo explain the seed distribution programme; a family shelter and kitchen.

Archbishop Thabo distributes seeds to those in need