Update on our Appeals

12 May 2020

Thank you to everyone who has so generously given to our Appeal to support the people of Vanuatu as they recover from Tropical Cyclone Harold that ripped through the country a month ago. The Cyclone affected over 92,000 people across 335 communities and around 18,000 people are still being housed in 272 evacuation centres. Anglicans are actively involved in the recovery process and our funding is part of a broad response being implemented by the Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACOM), the Vanuatu Christian Council of Churches and ADRA (Adventist Development Relief Agency). ACOM teams have led assessments of community needs and we have already sent $11,000 which has been used to provide immediate food relief, agricultural tools and seeds as well as hygiene supplies. We continue to commend this Appeal to you.

The Appeal in support of Covid-19 preparedness and response on Polynesia is well underway. Because of the numbers of people returning to their home villages from urban areas and tourist resorts and the loss of income, one of the main needs is the ability to buy and grow food. The tourism industry contribted 38% of Fiji’s GDP in 2018 but with the suspension of all tourism due to Covid-19, the economic impacts are espected to last well after the current lock down and levels of need in communities are expected to increase. Providing food packs and seeds is therefore an early priority.

The Project also aims to carry out detailed vulnerability assessments and GIS-based mapping across all parishes. These assessments will map parish and community resources including the size, age and condition of buildings as well as identifying people who may be particularly vulnerable – such as young children and the disabled. The projects is based on work carried out in Tonga prior to Tropical Cyclone Gita in 2018. Understanding and measuring the resilience of communities and their abilities to respond to emergencies like Covid-19 as well as other events such as cyclones, floods and drought has long-term sustainable benefits.

THANK YOU for very much for your support...

So far the following has been donated: Vanuatu: $11,888      Polynesia: $10,790

And we especially want to thank the H & W Williams Memorial Trust for its generous contribution.

Donations can be made here