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Affects of Cyclone Gita

13 March 2018

Yesterday (12 March 2018) the Tongan Prime Minister, Akilisi Pohiva, announced that the State of Emergency that has been in force in Tonga for the past month has been extended for a further four weeks. The renewed State of Emergency recognises that it will take a while for Tonga to truly get back on its feet (for example the cost of damage to the agriculture sector alone is estimated to be in the order of US$152 million).

Recently elected Bishop Afa Vaka said last week that “Tonga is slowly but steadily recovering from the devastation … and that our people are resilient by nature and are slowly picking up the pieces and getting back to a seemingly normal life.” In identifying an appropriate way of allocating the funds raised by this Anglican Missions Emergency Appeal, Bishop Afa suggests we focus our resources on helping to rebuild livelihoods. Anglican Missions is working closely with the Diocese of Polynesia, Anglican Board of Missions, Anglican Overseas Aid and other church-based agencies to ensure we are well-joined up and meeting the most critical needs.