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Water security in the Solomon Islands

our project for the Anglican Church of Melanesia

24 May 2021

We recently received a report from the Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACoM) which advised that each of their three religious orders received a delivery of a Rota tank of 5,000 litres, installation fittings, equipment and building materials.

The members of the Community of the Sisters of Melanesia (CSM) at Alio household in the Diocese of Ysabel, the Melanesian Brotherhood household at Komukama in the Diocese of Guadalcanal and the Society of Saint Franciscan (SSF) Santa Chiara Friary in the Diocese of Ysabel will now have access to safe and reliable source of water for their members, as well as the people living within the proximity of their Mission Stations.

“Having these tanks will relieve members from walking some kilometres very early in the morning and evenings or during bad weather to fetch clean drinking water.”

Mr. Casper Supa, Coordinator Social and Development Programs in ACoM said clean drinking water is one amongst other difficulties often experienced not by the three communities, but in many other islands in Melanesia. This is because of the changing weather pattern – infrequent rain fall, as well as logging activities taking place at the top of the rivers or streams that leads to pollution.

“Land disputes too is one common problem which often hinders the development of proper water supplies and sanitations in many communities in Melanesia,” Casper added.

“With these water tanks, I believe the communities mentioned above will now be able collect clean rainwater for drinking and cooking”, Casper said.

To ensure the mission and ministry of these religious communities continues unaffected, their health and welfare is vital and water accessibility is amongst their key priority needs.

‘Construction of permanent roofing for proper water catchment and positioning are the remaining tasks required when the tanks reach their communities and that should take only two weeks to complete.

Casper acknowledges the continuous support the Anglican Missions Board of New Zealand and the other mission partners for their support for a variety of different projects.

This particular ‘Improvement of Water Accessibility’ project for three religious communities has been funded by Anglican Missions through our 2021 Lenten Appeal and implemented by the three religious orders with support from their communities.