We pray for the persecuted church...

and especially for those affected by the bombings in Sri Lanka

26 April 2019

We pray for the persecuted church...


From the Presiding Bishop of the Anglican Church of Ceylon:

“I am terribly shocked and deeply saddened by the barbarous acts of violence brought on innocent worshippers at Easter Sunday services”, Bishop Dhiloraj said in a statement. “The Church of Ceylon unreservedly condemns these cowardly and cruel acts of terrorism and conveys our deep condolences to the families and friends of those who have lost their lives and have been hurt. We wish all those who have been injured full recovery. We pray for them and their families, that God’s comforting presence will continue to be with them through this tragic experience.

….he concluded with a prayer of hope: “may the Peace of the Risen Christ, who on the cross prayed for forgiveness, be with you all.”

A prayer from the Bishop of Christchurch (Anglican E-Life 24/4/19): “As the joy of Easter was tempered by the tragic events in Christchurch and Sri Lanka, may we each be resolved to live in peace, willing to forgive those who do the body of Christ harm, while always praying to our heavenly Father that the world might be delivered from evil.”