Short Term Missions

Re-roofing project at Talua Ministry Training Institute community centre – Vanuatu Short-term missions trip, May 2018.

Organising a short term mission trip for your parish, or interested in going on one? Here are some resources we've gathered together to help you get started and get thinking about making your mission trip effective.

See here for more about the Golden Oldies Mission trips


Tips for organising your mission

“A short-term mission trip is a serious and strategic mission. It is not just ‘adventure travel’, rather it is a valid was of joining in the task of world mission... it may of course be adventurous; world mission attracts adventerous people.”

Read the Going Global Booklet provided by The Diocesan Overseas Mission Council for tips on organising a Short Term Mission.

It covers topics such as planning and preparation, training, team selection, team building, and financials.


How to fund your mission

OM-TP Short Term Mission Grants

Need financial help to go on a short term mission? You may be able to get funding! Grants are available from the Overseas Missions Council of Tikanga Pakeha to help kiwis go on a mission. Find out about OM-TP grants here »


Fundraising Ideas

Stuck for fundraising ideas? Our booklet, Inspire, includes ideas to help inspire your parish and community for missions and has ideas for activities and fundraising. Take a look: Inspire: A Guide to Mission Focussed Motivating  »


Readings on short term missions

Here are a few readings to get you thinking about making your short term mission trip as effective as possible.


The Good Missionary by Samuel Ikua Gachagua and Claire Diaz-Ortizy

(Published on Christianity Today, May 2014)

This is a thought provoking read for those considering going on a Short Term Mission, and those who have returned from them. It is written by an African orphan on what he loves (and doesn't) about short-term mission teams.

“Missionaries helped start the children's home that saved me from being destitute. Missionaries sent some of my most beloved friends, mentors, and supporters to my doorstep. And through the years I learned the difference between mission teams that helped and those that didn't. Perhaps my story will be a tool for your own discernment as you reach out to others.” Read more here »


4 Keys to Effective Short-term Missions by Brian Stark, International Teams New Zealand

(Published in Mission Action April 2013, Page 14)

Most churches desire to see their missions programme grow and see more involvement in missions by a greater cross-section of the congregation. One of the most effective ways to do that is by giving people an opportunity to go personally to the field on a short-term mission team. But how do you increase the effectiveness of your short-term mission team?” Read more here »


Go on a Mission! by Canon Robert Kereopa, Executive Officer, Anglican Missions

(Mission Tip #2, Anglican Missions)

Probably the best way we know for a Parish or Church group to get connected with overseas mission and to get excited about Jesus call to “GO” - is to just do it! To GO with a Mission Team - on a well organised “Short Term Mission” with an overseas partner. Here are 5 reasons why your Parish or Youth group should think about organising a Mission Team visit to one of our Partners.” Read more here »