Projects allow you to get closer to what our Partners are doing and show you what a difference your support is making. Each year the Anglican Missions Board receives applications for support from our regular partners.Grants are approved in line with our projected budget. All of our approved projects meet one or more of the Five Marks of Mission – see them here in poster.

Full details of the 2021 projects are detailed below. Your giving to missions will support a variety of projects and people.

If you wish, you can choose a particular project (or two) to support –

Projects and areas of support for 2021 are detailed below

  • Tikanga Polynesia

    Due to increasing population, poor land-use planning and the impacts of climate change, access to safe and sustainable water sources is an ongoing need for some poor communities in Fiji. more»
    Water for All
  • Diocese Polynesia

      Mission & outreach clergy support The local church is the heartbeat of many communities in the pacific and is where many children come to learn the love of god through Jesus Christ. With our support, Tikanga Polynesia can strengthen their mission towards parishes in Fiji that cater to children’s ministry, more»
    Mission and Outreach Clergy Support
  • Diocese Polynesia

    As a tourism hot spot, Fiji has been significantly impacted by Covid-19. Unemployment is at an all-time high, and many people are returning to rural communities to live a life of subsistence. As a result of this migration and the occurrence of adverse weather events, food security in many rural communities is worsening more»
    Covid-19 Food Security
  • New Zealand Church Missionary Society

    NZCMS is the "mission sending arm" (Anglican Missions is the "mission funding arm") of the Anglican Church. They recruit and prepare candidates for the mission field and provide support while they are overseas. AM provides a grant for mission partners to NZCMS from missions donations. Photo: Scott & Nikki Wheeler & family, Mission Partners this year in Kapuna, PNG. more»
  • Tikanga Māori Missions Council

    Overseas missions provide the opportunity for personal fulfilment, spiritual growth, and the chance the share the love of god. We offer opportunities for our Māori partners, young and old, to participate in missions that are safe, rewarding and memorable.
    Tikanga Māori Missions Council
  • Tikanga Māori Missions Council

    Covid-19 has made it difficult for our Anglican whanau in Australia to carry out their work.
    This project supports our Australian Maori Mission partners so they can continue to minister and train Maori congregations in Australia.
    Australian Māori Missions
  • Tikanga Māori Missions Council

    Collaboration and unity across the global Anglican Indigenous community ensure that spiritual and social development is grounded in indigenous values. Photo: Rose Elu with members of NATSIAC (National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Anglican Council) credit: Brad Chapman,ABM, Australia more»
    Anglican Indigenous Network
  • Tanzania (Anglican Church of Tanzania)

    The Anglican Church in Tanzania is growing at a considerable rate, and this newfound faith must be nurtured and guided in a unified direction.
    Supporting Ministry in Tanzania
  • Anglican Church of Tanzania

    The rapid growth of the Anglican Church of Tanzania is outpacing the church’s capacity to safely house worshippers. Locals have done well to begin construction of new parishes, but they require assistance with the technical job of installing roofing. more»
    Roofs for Churches
  • OM-TP Short Term Mission Grants

    Anglican Missions supports New Zealanders who want to go on Short Term Missions overseas through OM-TP Short Term Mission Grants. Find out more about how to apply, and find stories of the teams who have already been. more»
    OM-TP (Overseas Mission -Tikanga Pakeha)
  • Mission to Seafarers

    Containerised Seafarer Centre Confined living conditions, long hours of physical work, and limited ministry opportunities - life as a seafarer is not for the faint of heart. Mission to Seafarers provides support and advocacy to seafarers across the globe. Before its destruction by 2016 earthquake, the Mission to Seafarers Centre more»
    Containerised Seafarer Centre
  • (Anglican Church of Melanesia)

    This is one of the projects supported in this year's Lenten Appeal - now closed. more»
    Water Security & Christian Care Centre
  • (Episcopal Diocese of Egypt)

    This is one of the projects supported in this year's Lenten Appeal - now closed. more»
    Youth Ministry Training
  • Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem & the Middle East

    This is one of the projects supported in this year's Lenten Appeal - now closed. more»
    St Luke's Hospital
  • Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea

    Assistance from NZ goes towards Kerina Evangelists' College; Newton Theological College; Archbishop's Office and Provincial Communication; Bishop Outreach in Remote Areas. Papua New Guinea has an estimated population of over 7 million (with approximately 250,000 Anglicans) and occupies the eastern half of the island of New Guinea and numerous offshore islands. Over 80% of people live in rural areas, relying on subsistence farming. more»
    Papua New Guinea
  • In 2020 a grant of NZ$5000 has been put aside to support the work of SOMA. Sharing our Ministries Abroad (SOMA) is an associated body of Anglican Missions. It grew out of the charismatic renewal movement in the United Kingdom in the 1970s, and is predicated on the fact that anyone touched by the Holy Spirit inevitably wants to go out and share more»
    Sharing our Ministries Abroad (SOMA) NZ
  • The Church in Melanesia - various projects

    Initially part of the Church of the Province of New Zealand, the Anglican Church of Melanesia became a separate province in 1975. It includes Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and New Caledonia. Donations support a range of projects including Christian Care Centre, a safe haven for victims of domestic violence in Honiara. more»
  • Sharing out of our abundance with brothers and sisters overseas

    Anglican Missions is partnering with the Wellington Anglican Diocese to support four projects. more»
    COVID-19: Our Global Response
  • Diocese of Polynesia - 2021 Projects

    Water for All providing water tanks for 6 communities in Fiji; and Mission and outreach clergy support; and a new project aimed at food security following Covid-19.
    The Diocese of Polynesia is actively engaged in improving the welfare of its community through a number of initiatives. Sustainability is a key focus of the church's programme, both for itself and those it is working with. more»
  • Project support via our Lenten Appeal in 2020

    Anglican Missions continues to support the Anglican Church of Tanzania. This year, 2020 we have chosen to support the church through our Lenten Appeal. The aim is to provide funds to roof 3 churches in the Diocese of Mara. Parishioners have built or renovated good church buildings however roofing materials are not available locally so are costly. more»
  • Your questions answered here. And you can read about previous projects supported in 2020. more»