The Church in Melanesia - various projects

Since 1842 and the ministry of Bishop Selwyn, the Islands of Melanesia and Polynesia have had a close relationship with New Zealand. Initially part of the Church of the Province of New Zealand, the Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACoM) became a separate province in 1975. It includes Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and New Caledonia.

In 2020 (as in 2019) Anglican Missions is not financially supporting any specific projects in Melanesia. Nevertheless we continue to work in partnership with ACoM. Read about our completed projects to date below:

In 2018 our grant of NZ$3,000 was made towards income generating projects of three of ACoM’s religious communities. Projects supported were based on small-scale income generating projects designed to promote self-reliance and improve financial sustainability of their communities. The communities we supported were:

  • the piggery project of the Melanesian Brotherhood, Diocese of Central Solomons, NZ$1,000
  • the sewing project of the Community of the Sisters of Melanesia, Diocese of Guadalcanal, NZ$1,000
  • the poultry project of Community of the Sisters of the Church Diocese of Guadalcanal, NZ$1,000.

These projects not only provide income for the communities, but provide goods for local markets and this in turn has direct positive impact on the mission and pastoral activities of the Sisters and Brotherhood.


Photos: Sr Sohphie Leguvaka, poultry project; Sr Glenda (standing) & Sr Heather Meithegna - sewing project. Credit of ACoM Media Officer

Read the Melanesian Messenger – newsletter Aug-Sept 2018 and note page 3 reports back on the sewing project of the Community of the Sisters of Melanesia, with thanks for funding provided by Anglican Missions.

For the Anglican Church in Vanuatu, we were also able to help by sending much needed and appreciated clergy robes and sashes which have been kindly donated by various parishes and individuals – THANK YOU to all who have donated these – they have been received in Vanuatu with great appreciation.


  • Rainbow Wing Safe House of the Centre completed in 2017

    Photo: dedication of the new Rainbow Wing on 13 October 2017
    The Christian Care Center (CCC) is a safe haven for victims of domestic violence and other forms of abuse, and it is operated as an institution of the Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACOM). It is a joint venture of the Sisters of the Church and the Sisters of Melanesia and is staffed by the members of these two female religious orders and a team of volunteers. The Centre often receives up to 30 clients at any one time including adults and children, mostly women and girls. There isn't any other home or centre like this in the Solomon Islands. The volunteers from the religious orders depend entirely on operational funds from the Centre to support themselves and with funds from generous donors Anglican Missions has been able to assist with project funding. more»
    Christian Care Centre
  • poultry project 2018

    The Community of the Sisters of the Church (CSC) in the Solomon Islands is the biggest province in the worldwide CSC. “The Community of the Sisters of the Church is an international body of more»
    Sisters of the Church (CSC)
  • Sewing project support 2018

    The Community of the Sisters of Melanesia (CSM), more commonly referred to as the Sisters of Melanesia, is a religious group of women formed in 1977 as a sister group to the Melanesian Brothers. more»
    Sisters of Melanesia (CSM)
  • These are projects that have been supported in previous years for the Anglican Church of Melanesia. Many of these projects are ongoing however and we may provide further support in the future.
    Previous Project Support