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  • completed 2016 Project

    The Society of St Francis has a poultry farm in Hautabu, an hour and a half out of Honiara (near Veranasso) which is headed by Brother Luke. Presently he has three hundred layers but has a capacity more»
  • completed 2016 Project

    The Melanesian Sisters community of about two hundred sisters requires a large garden of vegetables. They plant cassava, eggplant, taro, cabbages, corn, tomatoes and a variety of other foods. They more»
  • completed 2016 Project

    Home Life Skills is one part of the Melanesian Sisters program and they become wonderful sewers. They sew Cassocks, Albs and Chasubels and sell them to the Clergy. They also sew dresses that they more»
  • completed 2016 Project

    The Anglican Church of Melanesia Provincial Staff along with the Board of Mission Staff have purchased office uniforms and would like to be able to purchase enough for two pairs each in order to more»
  • completed 2016 Project

    The Solomon Islands is a diverse country made up of many islands. This presents a huge challenge when it comes to bringing clergy together for up-skilling. There is a need for courses in management, more»
  • completed 2016 Project

    Many Melanesian clergy are based in rural areas without access to the internet, to libraries and to other materials and resources which may be used to prepare sermons and teach congregations. The more»
  • Office Canteen Completed 2015

    The Melanesian Board of Mission (MBM) was “established to supervise the Home Mission and the mission abroad. It is responsible for missionaries sent from the Church and missionaries who come to more»
  • Poultry Farming Project supported in 2015

    The Society of Saint Francis (SSF) is a Franciscan religious order within the Anglican Communion. The members “make vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, live together in community, pray more»
  • Cocoa & Vegetable Farm - - Completed project support 2015

    Cocoa is one of the main export commodities from the Solomon Islands. The demand for beans by local exporters in the Solomon Islands is now significantly high as the demand for beans internationally more»
  • NZD $1,000 in 2013

    This is to assist the Melanesian Brothers at their Headquarters in Tabalia in their various farming activities. They grow their own food as well as feed pigs and chickens not only for food but also to sell as part of their self-supporting initiatives. The Headquarters is where most of novices (newly admitted youths) are trained for ministry and well as confirmed brothers live and trained for various ministries. Currently there a total of 180 novices and brothers residing at their Headquarters. more»
    Melanesian Brothers Farm
  • NZD $1,000 in 2013 - Community of the Sisters of Melanesia

    This project is to replace and purchase sewing machines which the sisters have been using to sew various items including priest's vestments and others clothes which they sell for self-support. They also give away some of the clothes they sew to those who need it but can't afford to pay. more»
    Sewing Machines for the Sisters of Melanesia