New Zealand Church Missionary Society


In New Zealand, Anglican Missions and NZCMS have a very strong and close relationship, partnering together to enable NZ Anglicans to participate in the overseas mission of the Church as Mission Partners.

Both NZCMS and Anglican Missions have been around for a while, in fact 124 and 96 years respectively. Together we are involved in mission throughout the world with people and projects in all sorts of places: Africa, Asia, the Pacific, the Middle East and Europe.

This collaborative relationship sees each organisation represented on the other’s governing body while staff work together in a number of areas.

The Anglican Missions Board provides a grant each year towards the cost of supporting Mission Partners serving overseas – in 2019 this grant of $560,000 covers a large part of the budgeted direct costs of current Mission Partners.

Photo: NZCMS Mission Partner Dianne and friends in the Philippines.

Mission Partners

See more below about the Mission Partners being supported in 2019.

If you would like to support a particular Mission Partner and want to receive their newsletters, please contact the NZCMS Office in Christchutch at or (03) 377 2222.

NZCMS_large_logo2.pngYou can ask to receive the:

  • Emailed newsletter of the Mission Partner you wish to support;
  • Prayer Fuel brochurch (advise quanitities) which is produced monthly. This will keep you up to date with urgent prayer requests and movements of Mission Partners;
  • Intermission magazine (advise quantities) which is also produced monthly. This magazine has a variety of articles about mission and is a great resource for home groups to help stimulate missional thinking;
  • Annual Snapshot of all Mission Partner.


  • Language Learning, Cambodia

    Neill and Rebekah along with their three children have answered the call to join the Church in Cambodia. This year they are busy language learning until they can work in the fields prepared by God more»
    Neill and Rebekah
  • Costa Rica, Central America

    Andy and Shona and family arrived in Costa Rica in May 2018. Shona and the children are focusing on learning Spanish and connecting with their local church community. Meanwhile Andy, who is fully more»
    Andy and Shona
  • Serving in Uganda since 2013

    Nick and Tessa Laing work in Gulu Town, Northern Uganda, sharing their skills in medical support and community justice work. more»
    Nick & Tessa Laing
  • Serving in Social Work and Patient Recovery, Cambodia

    Anne and Anthony McCormick live in the Battambang province of Cambodia where they are involved in social work and patient recovery. more»
    Anne and Anthony McCormick
  • Restricted Access Partners

    This group of Mission Partners, known as (Restricted Access Partners) are little heard about. We cannot tell you much about these Mission Partners as they are in secure locations, and sharing information about them, their location, or what they are doing can endanger them. more»
  • Papua New Guinea

    Papua New Guinea is one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse nations. This presents both opportunities and challenges for the Church as it seeks to be simultaneously united and diverse. more»
  • Theological Education, Solomon Islands

    Jonathan and Tess Hicks, along with their six children, live and worship at the Trinity School for Theology and Ministry on the island of Malaita. Jonathan is a lecturer in Theology, including more»
    Jonathan and Tess
  • Children's Ministry, Philippines

    Dianne Bayley is the National Director of Children's Bible Ministries in the Philippines. The overall aim of Children's Bible Ministries in the Philippines is to see Filipino children grounded in biblical values, transformed and discipled for Christ. more»
    Dianne Bayley
  • Spain, Europe since 2014

    Katie has continued her language studies this past year while immersing herself in the local Asturian culture. She has a heart for church planting and discipleship. more»
  • Medical Work in Togo, Africa

    Miriam Tillman is the Pharmacist at the Hospital of Hope in Mango, northern Togo. She oversees six Togolese technicians in the day-to-day running of the Pharmacy and is responsible for ordering more»