Newton Theological College

Support is continuing through the H & W Williams Trust in 2020

Library_at_Newton.jpgNewton Theological College has a strong and on-going commitment to providing theologically competent and well equipped priests in Papua New Guinea. The day to day life of the College is sustained by the priests and students growing and cultivating their own food. The college has a reputation for high quality theological education not only for future priests, but also in the programmes for their wives and children.

In 2018, to ensure high standards are still in place, Newton College will be undergoing an extensive review of curriculum and site development to maintain parity in its diploma qualification with theological colleges worldwide. In September 2018, it was reported that “year one of the new curriculum is going well and the infrastrucutre upgrade has been wonderful” (NZCMS Mission Partner, Margaret Poynton)

It costs just over NZD $100,000 a year to run the College (excluding the costs of principal and his family). The College pays the students a wage and supports the school fees for all the children as well as running a wives programme.  The current Principal is Father Giles Motisi.

Read about life at Newton College from Australian Bishop Jeffrey Driver – June 2018